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Listen to the City Breathing


It's funny how we can all feel connected and disconnected at the same time.


Our cities tell a story. They are living breathing organisms made of breath and bone. More than concrete, cars and commuting. A city is the sum of its people moving and eating and working and sleeping. The city is an ever evolving cycle of life and death, joy and sadness, creation and destruction. Best of all the city is made of you and me.

The only lines we draw are imaginary based upon maps and roads and economics. But creativity has always pushed boundaries and disregarded the rules. And at the core we are all creative, making it up as we go along. But in larger cities that can start to feel isolating and soul-crushing. Especially when comparison enters the room. Instead, let us celebrate one another in true form and fashion.


so What is Dallas?

On the surface this is only a simple website. But with time and energy our hope is much larger than what you see here. We believe in people above all else. And with that in mind we want to help connect you with others in the city and help tell your story.


Please note: This is a labor of love project with zero budget. We are invite-only currently.

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