Kyle Steed

1. Why do you think community is important?

I've tasted and seen what life alone looks like and it isn't at all glamorous. There is a very real balance that exists deep down in our DNA for other people in our lives. Even owning my own business I can't do everything on my own. I'm constantly in collaboration with other people. Same thing for my marriage and other close relationships. But there is a fine art to the act of communal living. Getting outside of our independence and moving to a place of interdependence is hard work. However, trusting in others is one of the greatest thing we can ever learn to do. Not one of us was made to be alone.

There is a very real balance deep down

...for other people in our lives - Kyle Steed

2. How does where you live affect your work?

Learning to own where I'm from and where I live now hasn't come easy. The easy choice would be to live on the East/West coast and be where all the action is. The grass is always greener right? But now, even within my own state, I've had to own where I live unapologetically. It's unassuming to associate Dallas with creativity when everyone always assumes that Austin is the mecca for creativity in Texas. But I enjoy being part of this low-key crowd of brilliant people. That spurs me on to put my city on the map and make great work.

3. What keeps you going?

My wife. My two girls. Proving to them and to myself that there is a greater way of living and we don't have to conform to the worlds version of success. But it goes both ways too. As much as I'm proving to them, or whatever, they are constantly mirroring back to me the importance of slowing down and enjoying the time right in front of me. Presence. Silence. Stillness.

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Kyle Steed

Public Artist in Dallas, TX