Trevor Paulhus

1. Why do you think community is important?

I think most importantly everyone needs to have a sense of personal community. Maybe not necessarily a wide connection to their city or geographical location, but definitely with the people that drift through their lives because of these things and what they can learn from them, no matter how large or small. I have lived in Dallas now for 12 years. And although I DO love it here, it has ALWAYS been a very love/hate relationship for me. I grew up in the north east. I love the ocean. I love wilderness. I love mountains. I love a DIFFERENT kind of “city” (more hustle and bustle). And I also love EASE in getting away from that city. With a life in Texas, these are definitely things that I have had to make sacrifices on. And I am ok with that… or at least have become OK with that. Ha! The main reason that I have become ok with it is because my personal community that I have found, of like minded people, with good heads on their shoulders and hearts in their chests. I have made the best of friends, found great love, built a career and a life… because of the COMMUNITY I found to share my life with, bounce thoughts and ideas off of, pull strength and motivation from. I would have packed my bags and left long ago otherwise. 


Made the best of friends,

found great love, built a career and a life... because of the community I found. - Trevor Paulhus

2. How does where you live affect your work?

I am not sure “where” I live affects me as much as the people I live around and spend my time with. I am a pretty outdoorsy person. I often find not only motivation, but solace in hiding away in the desert or the mountains or by a beach. Obviously Dallas doesn’t really lend itself to any of those things very easily. But, with that being said, I have been super fortunate enough to surround myself with people here that allow me to focus on what I have readily accessible in my life in terms or love and support and friendship and creative inspiration. The mountains and ocean will always be there when I need them and I will always find the time for them. But the same can be said for the people in my life in Dallas… and that creates a pretty nice balance for me. 


3. What keeps you going?

This is something I, like most creative people, struggle with constantly. Sometimes it feels so hard to find what those things are. And other times it feels super natural to roll with the momentum of life. Creatively, as an artist, I think what keeps me going most is my own criticism of my body of work. What I could do differently, better, in my own eyes. In that sense, I tend to not really care what others think as much as I do about how I personally view my own work. But, I also struggle with the commercial service aspect of what I do for a living as an “artist", and as trivial as it sounds, what keeps me going there is bills that need to be paid (the lack of stress in not having to worry about them), goals of having the perfect home, wanting to go out for dinner, travel to new places, etc… and the $$$$ that is needed to do all of these things that bring me happiness. So, I guess if I were to summarize it… a constant strive for contentment pretty much keeps me going.

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