His & Her

1. Why do you think community is important?

Community is important because while we can all do a version of what we do on our own, more often than not, our work is much more rich and inspired when we surround ourselves with good people, whether in person or even online.


The juxtaposition

is part of what makes it beautiful - Eddie + Angelee

2. How does where you live affect your work? 

Living downtown shapes almost everything we do in a number of different ways. We draw inspiration for our photo shoots from the urban context and shoot almost exclusively in our neighborhood. Downtown is far from perfect, but the juxtaposition of being surrounded by the highest and lowest ends of our society is part of what makes it beautiful.

3. What keeps you going?

Our love for fashion is what largely what inspired us to begin HIS+HER, but our passion for all things aesthetically-driven, our love for one another, and the constant evolution of fashion is what keeps us going. We are constantly pushing ourselves to do better work all while tripping over ourselves to keep up with those we truly admire. 

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Kyle Steed

Public Artist in Dallas, TX