Rocky Garza

1. Why do you think community is important?

None of us were meant to live in isolation. NONE of us. If we want to thrive, grow and live a sustainable life then it requires other people. Depression happens in isolation. Fear happens in isolation. Anxiety happens in isolation. When we want freedom and when we want growth then we must want community. My marriage is healthy because of community. My friends are healthy because of community and I am healthy because of community. None of us were meant to live in isolation. NONE of us.

IF we want freedom...

then we must want community also. - Rocky Garza

2. How does where you live affect your work?

I went to 13 schools before I graduated high school. After my wife, Sara, and I had been married for 3 years we decided to buy our first house with the intention to put down roots. To stay in one place and be dedicated to the people around use. We now are in our 2nd home in OakCliff, we lead a small group from our church in OakCliff, my office in at Tyler Station in OakCliff and our son goes to Casa De Paz Montessori school in OakCliff. We are sold out to this area, these people and I am more and more motivated to do good by being around others in OakCliff. 


3. What keeps you going?

I know with the utmost confidence that I am doing WHAT I was created to do. So now, I can spend my time defining and refining my WHY and my HOW. I feel confident in my daily tasks so the thing that keeps me going is the hope to be able to look back in 20 years from now and tell my son and my wife that I loved them well and became a man of integrity and love.




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